Devoke dev Mahadev episode6 – 23 dec 2011

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Khyati pleads Sapta Rishi Bhrigu to talk to her father about subjugating the crudity of Sati’s punishment. Instead, Rishi Bhrigu admires Daksh’s decision by calling him a great king. A displeased Prasuti tries to bring alive the caring father hidden behind King Daksh’s heartless principles. But, Daksh dismisses her pleas as he is too immersed in his plans to destroy Shiva’s existence. Lord Brahma comes to Lord Vishnu seeking a solution to Daksh’s heightening arrogance which might lead to his destruction. Goddess Lakshmi reminds them about Daksh’s daughter, Sati , a descendant of Goddess Shakti, who will become Shiva’s consort.


Devoke dev Mahadev episode5 – 22 dec 2011

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As Rishi Dadhichi enters the courtroom with his disciples, Daksh condemns his ways of interfering and influencing a king’s decision. Rishi Dadhichi disapproves of Daksh’s thinking telling him about the atrocities that his decision will have on the sculptor community. Rishi Dadhichi announces to look after the dispelled community of the sculptors. A drained out Sati faints as she enters the courtroom but, a stone-hearted Daksh rebukes to show any leniency towards her.

Devoke dev Mahadev episode4 – 21 dec 2011

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Khyati and Aaditi try to help Sati fulfill the arduous punishment given by Daksh. But, Sati is adamant that she would face the difficulties coming in her way all alone. Sati, with her two maids, Jaya and Niyati set out in search lotuses. In the courtroom, the sculptor community assembles to seek for an apology from Daksh. But, an arrogant Daksh dispels the entire community from his kingdom. Rishi Dadhichi enters the courtroom with his disciples.

Devoke dev Mahadev episode3 – 20 dec 2011

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Daksh punishes the sculpturer and his family for sculpting Shivling. Laxmi is upset on Daksh for the elusive punishment he gave to Sati. Sati’s sister expresses her concern about the fulfillment of Sati’s promise, to which she tells her that she would give her life if she fails to endure the punishment.

Devoke dev Mahadev episode2 – 19 dec 2011

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Sati is mesmerized seeing Shiva. Daksh decries Shiva’s importance and his presence among his followers. Rishi Dadhichi condemns Daksh’s statements against Shiva. An arrogant Daksh boasts of being the son of the creator, Brahma. Lord Shiva interrupts Daksh saying that he must not self-praise for contributing to the well-being of this world. When Sati tries to apologize to Daksh for placing the Shivling in the temple, Daksh pronounces an elusive punishment for her.

Devoke dev Mahadev episode1 – 18 dec 2011

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Daksh builds a temple for Lord Vishnu but refuses to give any place to Shiv. Daksh’s daughter Sati, also known as Gauri hears the name of Shiv for the first time, when she finds a Rudraksha in the river. Maharishi Dadhichi tells Sati that without Shivling the statue of Vishnu would not enter the temple. A sculptor, who built the statue gives Shivling to Sati and ask her to place it on the statue. After bringing Shivling to the statue, Daksh gets angry. Dadhichi arrives and tell him that without Shivling Lord Vishnu would never accept this temple. Daksh denies this and challenges the existence of Shiv. He gives a Belpatra to Sati, asking her to call Shiv. Sati calls Shiv and Shiv appears by her request. Sati sees Shiv for the first time